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Parim sushi tallinnas. Oleme avatud 24 tundi. Ootame teid meie juures!
Nigiri, maki, sashimi teenindamise parimaid viise järgitakse alati. Kui sööte suši, peate kõigepealt oma kätega (mitte söögipulgadest) üles võtma. Mitte selle esialgset vormi, mis on loodud koka poolt. Koht suši kala-alla, et kohaldada natuke kaste, riis ja kastmega ei peaks üldse puudutama. Algselt oli susi lisatud juba meie juurde, kuid kui soovite veel lisada, võite seda teha, kuid pidage meeles, et lisada ainult väike kogus issabi, et mitte rikkuda täiuslikke proportsioone. Teie kontakt andmed siin.

Karastusjoogid on suurepärased, et parandada oma kogemust, kuigi me ei soovita joomist kohe pärast söömist. See fantastiline maitse nautima ei tohi segada midagi, välja arvatud kastmes.

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Ja loomulikult ei tohiks marineeritud ingverit nendega kunagi süüa võtta, sa peaksid ingverit eraldi maitset puhastama. Kui olete lõpetanud. Siinses riis tallinn kasutame rangelt ainult kõrgekvaliteedilist riisi, millele järgneb kindel kogus reegleid, et pakkuda teile parimat maitsvat. Teie andmed siin.

Jaapani täiuslikkus on klassikaline sushi Tallinn, mis meile meeldib teenindada uusi kliente, kes pole kunagi suši kunagi proovinud, kaasas kena karastusjook ja lihtne mõista juhendeid, kuidas nautida seda hämmastavat sööki. Ilus toit ja ilusad toidud, kaunistused on sama olulised kui toidu ise.

Suurepärase maitse lisaks suurepärasele tunnele meeldib meid ühendada ka suurepärane ümbrus ja muusika, nii et saate täielikult lõõgastuda ja nautida oma ilusat päeva toidukulleriga Tallinnas. 

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Oleme väga kogenud erinevat tüüpi valmistamiseks ja praegu serveerime Ikura Gunkani, Sake Nigiri, Kappa Maki, Maguro Nigiri, Uni, Toro, Hamachi, Ebi Nigiri, Aji, Tai ja paljusid teisi. Me usume, et igaüks võib leida midagi erilist, mis sobib nende maitse järgi, nii et kui sa ei ole suhhi suur fänn või kui sa pole neid kunagi proovinud, veenduge, et leiate lemmikmaitse. Kui valmis õigesti, Tallinn sushi võib olla ainulaadne ja eksklusiivne iga inimese jaoks toidukuller. Kui te pole kunagi proovinud Sashimi, soovitame teil külastada meid ja teeme kõik endast oleneva, et tuua teile suurepäraseid kogemusi.

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We are finally open and ready to serve you with the most delicious maki, nigiri, inaki in Tallinn. We offera rich variety for all kinds of taste, you will definitely find your favorite flavour in our menu!
Our cook have rich experience of 15+ years and will deliver the most quality nori, inari, maki to your table. Or if you are busy and not willing to come visit us at our place, we can deliver the goods right to your home address. As long as food goes we also offer a lot of drinks, to make our customers happy. We love making food and serving our clients with this amazing gift of the sea type food. You are very welcome to visit us any time, any day, and don’t forget to bring your friends!

We are here to bring you the best experience with lunch in Tallinn. Many tourists and visitors are coming to this fantastic medieval city to have a great time and have fun with their friends on the weekends and holidays. Fortunately, Tallinn has a lot of great restaurants that offer different types of food and cuisines. We serve dinner on a professional level, perfected to the limits by local pro chefs, using only the best food and ingredients. You will find a fantastic atmosphere with friendly staff, relaxing music and a great vibe. We offer all kinds of food, be it maki, temaki, uramaki, sashimi or nigiri, if you love vegan food, we have a menu for you as well! So don’t hesitate to ask for anything you want, we would love to serve you personally with a unique recipe that you would like! Sushi in Tallinn is a highly rated restaurant that serves people 24/7 and home delivery option is also available day and night. Our friendly and swift couriers will deliver food to your door as soon as possible. Our restaurant is a fantastic place to celebrate your party with friends, business colleagues, hang out with friends, have a casual lunch work break or have a date. You will enjoy calming and relaxing music, warm and welcoming atmosphere, soft cushions, free wifi and parking and of course our entire menu.

Bringing the best out of plates, by serving the freshest fish combined with a-class rice covered in seaweed and handmade sauces. Feel hungry yet? Also, we serve drinks that mix in perfectly with dinner: koshu, champagne, sake, dry Riesling, oaked Portuguese white, red burgundy, japanese beer, and genmaicha. And of course we have classic drinks, that would fit a nondrinking person or kids. Most of the dishes are combined for a perfect match of one of the glasses above; our waitresses will give you the best suggestion on which bottle would be an ideal fit for your custom order.
You can find coupons from local distributors, which can save you a fortune or provide a unique service, such as a private party. Or you can become our golden client and receive all of the benefits it’s brings. To learn more about this ask for more info.

Chefs in Tallinn work extremely fast and take care of each order with love and care. You will not have to wait in line or sit with an empty table for more than 5 minutes. If you consider yourself an expert in Japanese culture, come and give us a visit and we guarantee that you will leave surprised and excited to visit us again.

If you have never tried seafood and feel nervous about the whole process and culture, don’t worry. We provide a simple guide on how to maximise the enjoyment of our rolls. You will receive a booklet that explains every bit of step in details, all of kinds sushis that there are, when and how to use sauce, whether to use chopsticks or not. All of those favorite questions will be addressed. After going through our simple guide, you will learn how to eat fastfood right and enjoy this fantastic Japanese dish.
It takes a lot of experience and patience to cook, to bring them to the perfect condition. Not many chefs follow the industry standards which can lead to poor experience. All chefs at our Tallinn sushi restaurant are highly trained and experienced and develop the best practices in the industry to serve you on the highest level possible. We are located in the center of Tallinn, so it is straightforward to find us if you are walking through the old town.

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